May 13, 2021

After serving in the world of philanthropy for 25 years as a development officer, regional coordinator and fundraising director, including a decade with the Canadian Cancer Society and nearly 15 years as a generosity consultant, Steve Lévesque has acquired a comprehensive vision of the strategies and efforts required to develop Quebec organizations.

Unicause was established in 2009 to carry out this mission all over Quebec. Over time, we have built a team of professionals with specific expertise in the area of philanthropy. We pride ourselves in offering a complete range of services for your annual fundraising campaigns. Unicause’s multidisciplinary team will be there to advise you on everything from marketing analytics and skills development to relational marketing campaigns and philanthropic communications services. We are committed to making the most of data to provide efficient, professional services tailored to the reality of Quebec organizations with the aim of building a lasting relationship with their donors.