AFP has set up a number of different committees to maximize its effectiveness. They are comprised of AFP Quebec directors and members as well as individuals interested in philanthropy and in actively contributing to the sector.

 1. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing and supervising the general business and affairs of the association. It follows up on the decisions it takes and is accountable in delivering results. It is also responsible for a number of committees:

  • Welcoming Committee
  • Mentoring Program Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee
  • Award Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • National Philanthropy Day Committee
  • EMC Committee
  • Membership Committee

2. Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee helps new members feel at home by putting together a welcome kit and updating it annually. The committee reports back to the Board of Directors with the results each year.

3. Mentoring Program Committee

The Mentoring Program Committee ensures that the program is well managed by recruiting mentors and following up on mentors and mentees alike. The committee reports back to the Board of Directors with the results each year.

4. Education Committee

The Education Committee offers members the best training sessions for their professional development. The committee submits to the Board of Directors various training sessions, selects instructors, organizes the sessions and gathers feedback. The committee reports back to the Board of Directors with the results each year.

5. Scholarship Committee

Each year, AFP offers its members a variety of scholarships for them to attend training sessions, the international conference, etc. The committee is tasked with advertising the competitions and ensuring that they run smoothly by setting up a selection committee and notifying recipients. The committee reports back to the Board of Directors with the results each year.

6. Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee implements the necessary tools to ensure that AFP attracts major sponsors to support its mission. With the approval of the Board of Directors, it designs the visibility plan for partners and ensures that the standards and promises agreed upon are met and fulfilled. It is also in charge of sponsor selection, follow-up and satisfaction.

7. Award Committee – National Philanthropy Day

Along with the Board of Directors, the Prize Nomination Committee identifies potential jury members and encourages them to serve on the committee. It must also set up the jury and provide it with the necessary resources to select the award recipients for National Philanthropy Day.
The committee is in charge of advertising the call for nominations and introducing the nominees to the jury. It also takes part in compiling and publicizing the results. Finally, it must also make sure that the jury is present at the National Philanthropy Day event.

8. Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is tasked with managing internal and external communications to promote AFP in Quebec. Its responsibility is to promote the organization’s activities, in particular National Philanthropy Day. The committee ensures the association’s visibility at events and sets up marketing actions that will develop its image. Along with the Board of Directors, it also defines the communications policy. A representative from the committee also serves on the association’s executive committee.

9. National Philanthropy Day Committee

The National Philanthropy Day Committee is in charge of preparing the ceremony during which outstanding philanthropic contributions are rewarded. It is responsible for physically, materially, and financially organizing the event. It shares with the executive committee the responsibility to recruit speakers. All directors are required to participate to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Communications related to the event are supported by the Communications Committee.

10. EMC Committee

The EMC Committee is tasked with promoting the AFP Foundation – Canada’s Every Member Campaign (EMC) among members of the Quebec Chapter.

11. Diversity Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports the implementation of inclusive practices by AFP Quebec and its members at the philanthropic and organizational levels. Working in partnership with Chapter committees, members, and community stakeholders, we ensure that diverse communities are engaged, represented, and supported in philanthropy through leadership, membership, mentorship, and professional development activities.

12. Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on ensuring that members have a full understanding of the benefits of membership to AFP International and the Quebec chapter. We promote membership to AFP through outreach to fundraising professionals and by advocating the benefits of a professional organization to potential members. Activities include recruiting new members, stewardship of current members, and promoting membership at chapter events. We encourage individual membership that represents a broad spectrum of local charities and non-profits. The committee shall meet quarterly to strategize and plan recruitment activities.