Toronto Congress Scholarship Program: Application 2022



Information for Applicants

When completing your application, please remember that the committee assessing it will be most interested in your efforts as a volunteer and professional as they relate to fundraising. While the fundraising goals and impact of your organization are important, the questions contained herein are designed so that AFP can learn more about your goals, aspirations and accomplishments as a fundraising professional. Thus, as you provide information on your leadership, short and long-term objectives and action plans, please keep in mind to focus on your profession. Personal goals and objectives are not suited to this application process.


  • 1. Given your organization’s operating budget and development budget information, please present the financial need for this scholarship (Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate financial need).

  • 2. Have you received a scholarship from AFP Quebec in the past 3 years?

  • 3. What percentage of your time do you spend on fundraising activities?

  • 4. How many years have you been employed in the fundraising profession?

  • 5. Describe your career goals and explain how the content delivered at AFP Congress will assist you in achieving these goals. (150-250 words)

  • 6. Describe a fundraising seminar or course that you attended in the past 3 years and how you applied these learnings to improve your professional practice. (150-250 words)