May 01, 2021

In order to take meaningful action to promote pay equity across gender and race, the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Quebec Chapter (AFP Quebec) is joining an initiative led by AFP Global and will now require salary ranges be included for all job opportunities promoted through AFP Quebec’s Job Board. This was initially a transitory measure announced in October 2020 that became effective on May 1, 2021. This change in policy is also part of the #EnsembleInc movement, recently launched in Quebec, which promotes diversity within and across organizations.

With the implementation of this policy, AFP aims to level the playing field for employment candidates from diverse backgrounds. The goal is to provide an opportunity for applicants to enter into salary discussions with employers in a way that reduces the potential biases they may face; biases which disproportionately affect women and those from BIPOC communities.

“We understand this might be a significant change for some organizations, but all of us at AFP, both internationally and in the Quebec Chapter, strongly believe that this is an important shift needed to increase equity, inclusion and fairness in the fundraising profession,” declares Daniel H. Lanteigne, CFRE, CHRP, president-elect of AFP Quebec and member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés.

This action is also intended to 1) increase the transparency with which philanthropic organizations across the sector operate, 2) increase understanding of the specialized role played by fundraising professionals, and 3) help to encourage awareness of fair and equitable remuneration practices.

This new policy represents the important realization of a commitment made more than two years ago for AFP’s work to be guided by principles that encourage inclusion, diversity, equity and access in the philanthropic sector (AFP IDEA). At the international level, already effective since November 1, 2020, AFP Global will no longer permit the posting of a job offer that does not include a salary range. In Quebec, this measure was introduced on a voluntary basis on November 1, 2020 and made mandatory on May 1, 2021. The next six months allowed organizations across the sector to engage in a dialogue with AFP Quebec to learn more about the reasons for this decision, and to allow them to adapt their job offerings to accommodate this new requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions have been developed to answer any questions you may have.


Research and salary studies of recent years are clear: the salary gap between women and men is still very present despite some progress. And the result is the same when we compare the data between Caucasians and BIPOC (a recently popularized term referring to Black / Indigenous and People of Color). Obviously, pay gaps are complex and have their roots in issues that are sometimes cultural, sometimes systemic, but we can certainly no longer ignore the problem. Thus, we have invested time and money in education, skills building, negotiation skills, but we also need to establish concrete milestones. Mandatory mention of a salary level in its job offers section is an important and necessary step for AFP Québec. As a Certified Human Resources Advisor (CRHA) and designated President of AFP Quebec, I am extremely proud that we are making such a gesture which demonstrates a sincere, but above all tangible, commitment to changing the rules of the game, for the better, in philanthropy.
Daniel H Lanteigne, CFRE, CHRP
President elect, AFP Quebec, consultant in philanthropy and in human resources, BNP Philanthropic performance and lecturer for the Philanthopic Management Certificate, Montreal University.
The question does not arise for us at L’itinéraire.  When the time comes to offer a job to a candidate, the salary should never vary whether that person comes from diversity or not.It’s in our DNA and we are sorry to see that gaps still persist nowadays.  We can only welcome the decision of AFP Quebec Chapter to make salary step mandatory for job position posted on their website.

Luc Desjardins
Director and editor, L’Itinéraire

As a student in the Certificat en gestion philanthropique, I am happy and reassured to know that the philanthropic sector is taking action to add transparency from the start of the recruitment process by mentioning the entry level salary.

While we know that women continue to receive lower wages, even though they represent 70 % of the staff in the philanthropic sector, I hardly dare to think that this gap could be even more significant for BICOP women has I identify myself as Inuk.  Thanks to AFP for taking this necessary turn, I feel more positive for my future job searches.

Daphné-Anne Takpanie
Student at Certificat en gestion philanthropique – Université de Montréal

As CHRP and being in charge of recruitment and internal mobility in a public organization of 12 000 people, I feel that make known a salary scale on internal and external job postings is a must. Thus, the standards in terms of salary are known and are the same for all candidates regardless of gender, religion, disability, ethnicity or diversity. I believe this is central to ensuring a transparent and fair recruitment process. This sets the stage, even before the interview and confirmation of employment, for a solid relationship based on verifiable facts and helps ensure internal fairness. It is therefore with great pleasure that I support AFP in the decision to make the posting of a salary step mandatory on job postings.

Alexandre Mercier, CHRP