June 07, 2023

Reserve November 15 on your calendar, because it’s a day dedicated to you!

As part of National Philanthropy Day, which is fast approaching, we have good news for you. This year again, we want to create a special video highlighting the memorable moments that marked your organization throughout the year.

We invite you to share photos or a short video with us, illustrating some of your successes over the last year. Each visual element must come with an explanatory legend to help us understand the context.

We’re curious to learn about your reality and to find out how you and your communities managed to mobilize around the causes you care about. We want to highlight and celebrate the incredible contributions you made to your community, as well as the vital role played by charitable organizations and the philanthropy community in our society.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences, inspire your colleagues and let your work shine!

Please send us your material as soon as possible, to info@afpquebec.ca. The sooner we receive your contributions, the more time we’ll have to create a memorable video. The number of organizations that can appear in the video is limited, so hurry!

We’re eager to see your exceptional achievements and to celebrate this day with you—a day that is devoted to us.