October 14, 2021

Through your support of the Foundation at the Every Member Campaign (EMC), you help shape the future, growth and development of the non-profit sector in Canada.

Maud Doualan, Assistant Director – Annual Campaign at Centraide of Greater Montreal, is a member of AFP and monthly donor to the Foundation. She agreed to answer our questions.

  • Why are you a member of AFP?

I am a member of AFP because it is important for me to belong to a community of professionals in the sector in which I work.

  • What has been your biggest personal advantage of being an AFP member?

Definitely the network and knowledge sharing. The philanthropic sector in Montreal is a very small world. It is important to have allies everywhere and the opportunities of exchange of experience and contacts set up by AFP allow us to create links with our peers and share good practices. I always enjoy meeting old colleagues / partners at these events.

  • What would you advise someone who is considering being a member?

I would say it’s a must-have for all philanthropy professionals. If you want to grow and flourish in the industry, AFP is a must.

  • Why is it important to you to donate to AFP?

I give monthly to AFP, so that the association can pursue its mission and continue to enrich the knowledge of each of our members. I think each of us should give a little something.


The Foundation does not receive any funds from membership or chapter dues, all revenue is raised through outreach to our members. Make an impact on the future of philanthropy in Canada – support the Every Member Campaign today!