September 09, 2021

OBOC is at a turning point in its development as we announce the appointment of our new Executive Director.

We want to begin by extending our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our founder Doreen Edward, who started VOBOC with the support of family and friends, intent on helping people find a diversion from their cancer diagnosis. Doreen began as a volunteer, with no staff and no funding, but with an incomparable drive and passion to be of service to cancer patients. Over the years, she developed a truly unique model centred on the patient and integrated into the McGill University AYA Oncology Program interdisciplinary team. VOBOC’s purpose is to engage AYAs in their cancer journey to improve their experiences and health outcomes. This model is represented in the VOBOC pillars of Equip-Engage-Empower. Now, two decades later, Doreen hands over a fully developed Foundation with an experienced staff, strong effective programming and a long list of collaborators & partners across public, private and health sectors.

Doreen’s last day as Executive Director was on June 29, 2021, allowing her time to make the necessary introductions and to attend our annual general meeting. We will be recognizing Doreen and all that she has achieved in support of cancer patients as soon as we are all able to come together.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Véronique Synnott as Executive Director, effective immediately. The decision was made after a thorough search and selection process. Véronique brings extensive experience in business development, strategic planning, communications, fundraising, engagement and community relations. Véronique joined VOBOC most recently from the Palliative Home-Care Society Foundation, the largest palliative home care foundation in Québec. She is committed to health advocacy & community-led social transformation and has a deep understanding of VOBOC’s mission— equip, engage and empower AYAs with cancer to improve their experiences and health outcomes. She is on the Board of Directors of the Greenhound Canada Foundation, an innovative organization dedicated to fostering community development and mental health wellness through green spaces. She is also a member of the Fundraising Committee of Inside Out, the biggest 2SLGBTQ+ film and video festival in Canada. “It is with great enthusiasm that I join the VOBOC team,” said Véronique. “The Foundation’s commitment to empowerment is key to bettering our community. I look forward to building on the momentum of the past twenty years, working with the dedicated team & Board of Directors and increasing social awareness about AYAs with cancer as we continue to grow the Foundation.”

The Board is excited about VOBOC’s next phase of growth with Véronique as Executive Director. Véronique has quickly established herself as an insightful & collaborative team leader. Her dedication and expertise are qualities that we at VOBOC value and we look forward to this next chapter.

We invite those of you who have been with us until now to continue to support us and we invite those who may be new to VOBOC to join us.


Janice Murray
President, Board of Directors